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Melanie Cambridge Fine Art

Contemporary English Landscapes

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Demonstrations and Bespoke Workshops:

Available for daytime and evening bookings throughout the South East. For areas beyond this boundary, I may request overnight accommodation but will consider all locations.My lively approach to painting, working directly from sketchbooks, offers an interesting insight into techniques for painting in oils, gouache and mixed media. Demonstrations are full of comment, hints and tips on colour mixing and explanations on how various techniques used for oil painting and mixed media works.Subjects for demonstrations include....... Interpreting Photographs, Oils Fast & Loose, Figures in Context; Beach scenes; Landscapes, Marine Sunsets and Garden views.Bespoke Workshops: If you have a specific requirement or subject, do give me a call or email to discuss your ideas. I am always happy to design a demonstration, or club workshop, just for your group.


OIL DEMONSTRATION SPECIAL OFFER - Book an oil demonstration with Melanie Cambridge before the 31st December 2019 and receive a FREE No.8 LARGE FILBERT BRUSH for your Art Group. Contact Barbara at Art Profile for full details.


Mixed Media


Mixed Media demonstrations using gouache and oi pastel.

Painting directly from life is when I find myself at my most fluid and creative, so still life makes a great subject for a demonstration and a change from using photos or sketches. Working with my new gouache colours and some of Pentel's lovely oil pastels to create wonderful layers of colours and interplay of textures.

Free Oil Pastel Gift with this demonstration.


Drawing Horses, its easier than you think!

I love painting and sketching horses. It is something I have done all of my life. During this demonstration, I start by showing you how to create a horses head, using a series of simple shapes, before going on to show how to draw a whole horse, again using shapes to ensure you keep everything in proportion. After the break, I will paint either a head portrait or landscape with horses using gouache or oil pastel. These images are from a recent visit to Eastbourne Society of Artists.





The Wonderful World of Gouache - Free OVAL WASH BRUSH with this demonstration - see below for details

An evening where I shall dip into the exciting world of gouache, a medium often neglected by artists, but one I find absolutely great and extremely versatile. You can use it in a manner similar to watercolour, and on watercolour or pastel paper, or alternatively, paint in a style similar to oils on a primed board. During this demonstration I will explain some of these different approaches, before painting a finished work. Here's a short video, painting a summer sky with gouache to give you a "taster" of this exciting medium.


FREE 1" OVAL WASH BRUSH when booking a Gouache Demonstration before 31st December 2019. Contact Barbara at Art Profile for further details.





A Special Day Out for your Art Group:



Tutored Art Cruise (max 10 participants)

Enjoy a fully supported sketching cruise aboard the "Angel Blue" from Dapdune Wharf in central Guildford. Group bookings only with dates arranged to suit (including weekends). £400.00 per cruise includes skipper, Melanie Cambridge as you tutor for the whole day, on board refreshments, complimentary sketchbook and pen.

Maximum 10 artists per cruise. Fill all places and the cost is only £40.00 per person- further information




To invite Melanie to your Art Group...... Contact Barbara Coulson at Art Profile on 01234 764232 to arrange a suitable date. If you would like to talk through your ideas first, feel free to contact me directly on 07970 432348 or via email: art@melaniecambridge.com.

What others say about me- comments from recent Art Groups together with images of my demonstration paintings.

Here's a report from my recent visit to Frimley and Camberley Art Group, painting a view of Venice in just three colours, using my new artists gouache.

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