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Melanie Cambridge

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Artist Oil Brushes Shop


Introducing - Melanie Cambridge® Artist Brushes

Over the years I have found that nylon, or synthetic fibres generally make much better brushes for oils than natural hog hair.

I am delighted to introduce six brushes made to my specific requirements.

The range includes filbert, flat and round brushes using two different types of synthentic hair - a springy white hair for the flat and filbert brushes making them a real alternative to traditional hog hair. My two round detail brushes are made from a dark, softer synthetic hair, ideal for keeping a good point when you really need it.

Artist Collection

The full set of six brushes in a handy zip-up case large enough to hold my long-handled brushes with extra room for several more brushes as well as a couple of sketching pencils.


All images show brush with cm rule alongside as a size guide

Large Filbert

A large capacity brush, ideal for blocking in large areas of colour quickly during the early stages of a painting.


Medium Filbert

My favourite size for Plein Air work, ideal both for initial blocking-in and more detailed brushwork using the tip and edge.


Extra Long Filbert

I love the longer hair on this brush which gives it even more spring than a standard filbert. Ideal for painting the sparkling effect of light on water.


Flat Detail

A fine detail brush I often use for painting figures and small boats. I love its sharp flat edge both for painting broader strokes and fine lines.


Round Detail

My standard round detail brush. The softer synthetic hairs hold together really well. A detail brush you will use for a long time.


Round Detail - extra fine

A really fine round brush for the finest of details not easy to acheive with anything else.


6-Brush set

Treat yourself to my full range of brushes with a 10% discount on the cost of purchasing individual brushes.



Carriage costs will be calculated according to weight.  


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