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Melanie Cambridge® Artist Brushes

My Artist Brushes have been developed with the focus firmly on the requirements of the artist and I hope you will enjoy using them as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

The range includes filbert, flat and round brushes using three different types of synthentic hair - a springy white hair for the flat and filbert brushes making them a real alternative to traditional hog hair. My fabulous new oval wash brush has much softer hair than any others in the range, but which still keeps a sharp edge, meaning you can create fine lines as well as large washes with the same brush.


QUALITY GUARANTEE: If you are not absolutely delighted with any of my Artist Brushes, please return them within 30 days (if used, please clean them before returning), at your own cost, and I will replace/refund without question.

Oval Wash Brush

1" Oval Wash Brush - £ 12.00

A fabulous watercolour wash brush with a lovely sharp edge you can also use for fine lines.

Carole Aston - professional artist says about this brush:

"I have just tried the Oval Wash Brush you gave me, and it's superb!. I absolutely love it. It holds a huge amount of paint, delivers a fantastic smooth wash, and its nice to hold. Thank you so much!

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No.12 Extra-Large Filbert - £ 10.00

An extra-large capacity brush, great for working on a larger scale and loosening up.

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No.8 Filbert

No.8 Large Filbert - £ 8.00

Ideal for blocking in large areas of colour quickly during the early stages of a painting.

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No.6 Filbert

No.6 Medium Filbert - £ 7.00

My favourite size for Plein Air work, ideal both for initial blocking-in and more detailed brushwork using the tip and edge.

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No.4 Extra Long Filbert - £ 6.00

I love the longer hair on this brush which gives it even more spring than a standard filbert. Ideal for painting the sparkling effect of light on water.

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No.2 Flat Detail - £ 4.50

A fine detail brush I often use for painting figures and small boats. I love its sharp flat edge both for painting broader strokes and fine lines.

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R.8 Round Brush

No.7 Round - £ 8.00

A great standard brush, ideal for working big and bold in gouache or watercolour.

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R4 Round Brush

No.4 Round Detail - £ 4.50

My standard round detail brush. A detail brush you will use for a long time. Suitable for gouache, watercolour, oils or acrylics.

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R0 Round Detail

No.0 Extra Fine Round Detail - £ 3.50

A really fine round brush for the finest of details. This brush has 15mm long hair, enabling it to keep a fine point and yet hold a fair amount of colour at the same time.

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Oil/Acrylic Collection - £ 35.00

The full set of six brushes in a handy zip-up case.

contains: No.8 Filbert; No.6 Filbert; No.4 Long Filbert; No.2 Flat; No.2 Round Detail; No.0 Fine Detail Round

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Watercolour/Gouache Collection - £ 35.00

The full set of five brushes in a handy zip-up case.

contains: Large Oval Wash Brush; No.7 Round; No.4 Long Filbert; No.2 Round Detail; No.0 Fine Detail Round

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Empty Carry Case - £ 5.00

Black zip-up case suitable for long and short handled brushes. Will hold up to 16 brushes of different sizes

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FELLOW ART TUTORS: If you wish to purchase my Artist Brushes for your Students, then please contact me as I can offer a Trade Discount, even for very small quantities. Please email me to discuss your requirements.


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