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Handmade Artist colours created for discerning artists. These colours contain no White pigment meaning some colours remain transluscent. They also contain some of the highest levels of pigments currently on the market making them extremely vibrant and clean. Using only genuine pigments, not hue alternatives. Made in England. "Cambridge" colours are exclusive to the Melanie Cambridge® range. All colours available in 14ml metal tubes. Flip-top lids reduces the risk of losing the cap or leakage from tubes. Simply flip, pierce and squeeze!


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My fabulous new addition to the Melanie Cambridge Range.

Available in time for Christmas (if purchased by Monday 16th December). Carriage free on orders over £10.00

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GOUACHE COLOUR - Introductory Set, £20.00

A basic introductory set of five colours, contains: Titanium White, Cadmium Lemon, Cadmium Red, Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna.

5 x 14ml tubes with accompanying mixing guideompanying colour mixing guide

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Titanium White gouache colour,series 1 £4.50

A strong very clean white, high pigment ratio enables superb coverage even over black.

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Cadmium Lemon gouache colour - series 2 £5.00

A pure Lemon, great for mixing bright greens with Sevres or French Ultramarine

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Cadmium Yellow gouache colour - series 2 £5.00

A warm orange-yellow. Mix with both blues for a variety of warm green shades

Quantity :

Yellow Ochre gouache colour - series 1 £4.50

A good strong earth tone

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Cadmium Red gouache colour - series 2 £5.00

Brilliant standard red, essential for most artist's palettes

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Cambridge Pink gouache colour - series 3 £6.00

Exclusive to the range, a fabulous strong pink

Quantity :

Ultramarine Blue gouache colour - series 1 £4.50

A lovely strong, warm, blue.This colour is a bright Ultramarine.

Quantity :

Sevres Blue gouache colour - series 1 £4.50

A lovely cool turquoise blue, similar to Cerulean but a little more towards blue. Lovely for skies and seascapes

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Cambridge Green gouache colour - series 2 £5.00

Another colour exclusive to the range. A consistent bright green

Quantity :

Holly Green gouache colour - series 2, £5.00

A really dark blue-green. This is a true Holly colour, rather than Viridian..

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Burnt Sienna gouache colour - series 1, £4.50

Lovely warm red-brown made with genuine earth pigment.

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Artists' Putty - 200ml pot, £5.00

A textured medium which can be mixed into gouache or watercolour to create impasto effects. Dries white but with minimal effect on original colour.

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Oyster Shell - 50g pot, £3.00

A dry texture shell which can be mixed into Artists' Putty to create heavy grained textural effects.

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