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Melanie Cambridge

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Handmade Artist Oil colours created exclusively for you, using only the purest, genuine pigments, not hue alternatives. Made in England. All colours are checked and approved by me in the factory before being put into tubes for sale.



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Titanium White oil colour - series 1, £7.50

Opaque: a strong very clean white, my preferred white oil colour



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Naples Yellow oil colour - series 1, £7.50

Opaque: My ideal Naples Yellow, a warm, rich, creamy shade with a golden yellow undertone. Mix with Cobalt Blue for soft distant greens. One you will not want to be without


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Cadmium Lemon oil colour - series 2, £8.00

Opaque: A pure genuine Cadmium Lemon, great for mixing bright greens with Sevres or Cobalt Blue



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Azo Yellow Deep oil colour - series 1, £7.50

Opaque: a warm orange-yellow. Mix with all 3 blues for a variety of warm green shades

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Cadmium Red oil colour - series 2, £8.00

Opaque: a brilliant standard red, contains only genuine Cadmium,, essential for most artist's palettes

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Magenta oil colour - series 1, £7.50

Transluscent: my primary red shade. Mixes well with Cobalt and Naples Yellow for lovely soft greys


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Sevres Blue oil colour - series 1, £7.50

Semi-Opaque: a wonderful, impressionist blue, inspired by the colour of Sevres porcelain. My alternative to Cerulean Blue



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Cobalt Blue Genuine oil colour - series 3, £8.50

Semi-Opaque: made with genuine cobalt aluminate, this wonderfully pure Cobalt is one you will love to paint with.



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Ultramarine Blue oil colour - series 1, £7.50

Semi-Opaque: a lovely strong, warm, blue. Mix with Venetian Red for dark tones from deep chocolate to virtual black


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Raw Sienna oil colour series 1, £7.50

Semi-Transluscent :a good strong earth tone. Works well with Cobalt or Sevres Blue for olive green shades.



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Samphire Green oil colour - series 2, £8.00

Opaque: a turquoise green shade, exclusive to my range. Ideal for seascapes



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Venetian Red oil colour - series 2, £8.00

Transluscent: a lovely warm terracotta which I prefer to Burnt Sienna. Luminous with a wonderful gold undertone


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Raw Umber oil colour - series 1, £7.50

Semi-Opaque: a strong earth tone. Mixes well with Sevres Blue for cooler grey shades


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Alkyd Painting Medium, 60ml bottle - £4.50

A virtually odourless painting medium which speeds drying time and smooths brushwork. Ideal for glazes as well as a general painting medium.



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Worldwide Courier delivery can be arranged on request: Please email art@melaniecambridge.com


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