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.......A Real Alternative to Oil Colour

For the past two years I have been searching for an effective water-based alternative to oil colour. Whilst I love painting with oils, some artists cannot do so, either because they react to the turpentine and linseed oil, or simply do not have the dedicated space to work with oils. I also love to paint outside and again, it is not always convenient to take my oil colours with me.

Gouache is similar to watercolour, re-wettable, very portable and yet more vibrant with less tendency to fade as they dry, so it seemed like a good place to start my research. I am lucky in that I worked with two very experienced colour chemists to create Melanie Cambridge® Oils, so when we started to formulate a range based on gouache, they were the ideal working companions. The one attribute of gouache I do not like is how opaque and sometimes chalky gouache can be. We therefore decided not to add any white to our colours (which is the case when making traditional gouache), but instead to increase the amount of pigment to make colour which is very vibrant, clean and does not look chalky in any circumstances. This means, technically, we had not produced gouache, but I believe, something far better.

Why Choose Melanie Cambridge® Artists Gouache?

My gouache is rather different to the Gouache you will find elsewhere. None of my colours contain any white pigment; some are opaque (pigments such as Cadmium are naturally opaque), others are transluscent. All colours have extremely high pigment content - making them vibrant and clean. Some colours in the range, such as my beautiful "Cambridge Pink" are exclusive colours you will not find elsewhere and yet all at a reasonable price for such good quality artist colours.

Unique differences you will find when painting with Melanie Cambridge® Artists Gouache

* Up to 40% pigment content make them some of the most vibrant colours on the UK market

* No added White, mean colours are strong and vibrant without looking "chalky"

* Genuine pigments with no "Hue" colours. You will only find pure Cadmium in my Cadmium Red and Yellows.

* "Cambridge" colours are unique to the Melanie Cambridge range

* High Glycerine content means colours stay wet on the palette for longer and have a lovely buttery texture

* Flip-top lids mean you never need to unscrew them or lose them, simply flip, pierce and squeeze!

What is Artist's Putty?

I love to work with texture as well as washes within the same painting, so my colour chemists have developed a texture medium suitable for gouache and watercolour (which acrylic mediums are not). This lovely stuff means you can mix colour with putty and then paint with a palette knife if you wish making them very similar to working with oils.

What other professional artists say about Melanie Cambridge® Artist Gouache.

Claire Warner - artist and tutor: https://www.facebook.com/ClaireWarnerArtist09456/

Generally I thought they were beautifully vibrant and very "creamy", which I love.

My favourite has to be the Cadmium Yellow, it has the most wonderful sunny glow. A gorgeous colour.
Closely followed by the Cadmium Red which is deliciously bright and has more permanence than I have experienced with other Cadmiums.The Burnt Sienna was just a little duller and rather yellow for me, even though it is described to have a pinkish tone. But that may just be personal taste. I made a green with the Ultramarine and Yellow, but found that adding a little of the Cerulean gave it the brightness that I liked, making a lovely green.

I love the flip caps, so practical and not at all "fiddly". The paint rushes out of some of the tubes rather quickly, but that is a characteristic of many tube paints, so not a complaint.

I would definitely recommend these to anyone wanting to purchase some quality gouache paints.

Pauline Hazelwood - artist and tutor: www.paulinehazelwood.com

Associate Member of the Guild of Railway Artists, regular demonstrator for Art Profile, also an Artist Sponsor for Melanie Cambridge Gouache Colours

Pauline says " The demo on Wednesday went well. I genuinely like the paints and intend to buy and use them so I was happy to chat about their advantages. They liked the idea that you can paint over old watercolours that havent worked, because the paints are so opaque and I painted over an old one of my own."


Rick Holmes - Artist & tutorwww.rickholmes.co.uk

It was a pleasure to use these paints and they re wetted very well. I wish you well with your venture.

Download a technical review of Melanie Cambridge® Artist Gouache by Artist and Chemist - Andrew Ludlow

View comments from a demonstration at Denmead Art Group.





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